Red Sun Karate Manchester Membership

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We do request that before any person joins in a training session that they complete an application form. We ask this so we have important information such as name, address and contact details, plus, we need to ask everyone some basic questions regarding their general health as it is important that instructors are aware of any physical problems that a student may have e.g. asthma, or diabetes etc...

During the first couple of months new members can pay weekly.

Lessons cost £8.00/lesson on a pay-as-you-go basis.

After the first month members are asked to pay by monthly standing order.

£35/month for Adults and £25/month for Juniors

The benefit is that members can train at any or all of the training sessions for this fixed price (so you could train up to 5 times a week, or 25 times in the month, the more you train/attend the better value for you - you'll also learn and progress through the grades much quicker than of you only train once or twice each week).

Fees are structured to provide discounts for families - please ask your instructor about family membership discounts.

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Common Membership Questions 

Is there a joining fee?

Yes, we have a "one-off" Joining/Registration fee of: £45.00

This pays for club membership, Membership to the WTKO - including a license/grading book and insurance and a "Do-gi" (karate uniform).

Why do I need insurance?

Everyone that trains in martial arts is required to have a minimum of third party member to member insurance. 

Do I need to buy a uniform before I can train?

No, but we include the cost of a uniform as part of the membership for new students.

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